What kind of sticker (vignette) do I need on the highway when towing a trailer?
You need to buy a (virtual) sticker for your car. You can by it online anytime before you arrive or gas stations close to the border. There are 10 days and month stickers. There are different categories for passenger cars depending on its weight and the persons it can carry.  If your car weights less than 3.5 tons and has capacity of 7 or less persons you need only a D1 sticker. Otherwise you need a D2 sticker.
If your car is in the D1 category, and the combined weight of the car and trailer is less than 3500kg you don’t need a sticker for the trailer!
In other cases you need to buy a type U sticker to the trailer. For more info please check: http://www.hungary-vignette.eu/highway-stickers-2017  or https://ematrica.nemzetiutdij.hu/

What kind of power outlets are in Hungary?
We use the same power outlets as in most parts of Europe, see it on this page: http://www.worldstandards.eu/electricity/plugs-and-sockets/f/

Will there be WiFi on the airfield?
Yes, we are extending the WiFi coverage, there will be access around the main and briefing hangar and the campsites close to the hangars.

What is the currency in Hungary?
We don’t have Euros yet, but Hungarian Forint (HUF). Though you can pay by Euros in larger supermarkets, on a worse exchange rate than if you exchange your money at a currency exchange.

Do you accept Euros at the rally or only HUF?
We accept both Euros and Forint at the rally.

Can I pay by credit card at the Rally?
Yes, POS terminals will be available so you can pay by card for catering, winch and aerotow tickets, etc.