Invitation letter

Dear VGC Members,

We would like to invite all of you to participate at the next VGC Rally, which is going to take place in Dunaujvaros airfield (LHDV), central Hungary from 31th July to the 10th of August, 2017. The airfield is located only 60 kms south of Budapest and 10kms south of the town Dunaújváros between the settlements Baracs and Kisapostag. From Vienna the travel time is around 3 hours directly through freeways M1, M0 and M6.

Formerly the 2017 Rally was to take place at Farkashegy which hosted 3 rallies before in 1976, 1983 and 1996. Though many of you may have good memories about these, unfortunately due to difficulties with the arrangements, airspace restrictions, the limited hangar and storage space and lack of infrastructure we have decided to relocate the event to a more suitable location.

Dunaújváros airport is one of the best competition airports in Hungary, more than 20 National Championships have been held there during the past years. It is also one of the biggest sport airports in Hungary, the main runway is 1100m long and 500m wide on one side and 700m wide on the other. This allows separate winch and aerotow starts and sufficient landing areas for both gliders and tugs. The main hangar is sufficiently large to support about 80 gliders. There are many fields suitable for outlanding next to the airfield, so a short final is not a problem.

The airspace above and around the airfield is not limited, the maximum allowed altitude is the upper limit of the uncontrolled airspace, 2800 meters above sea level, so it is easy to have a good flight and a task with a vintage glider as well.

The bank of the river Danube is just 2kms from the airfield and can be crossed at reasonable altitude. East of the river the great Hungarian Plain is located where the best thermal conditions in Hungary form during summer.

The recently built bridge crosses the Danube just 1km north of the airport which allows reaching the plain in case of outlanding. There are also a lot of great sights which can be found there, such as the beautiful Kiskunsag National Park.

During the rally we prepare for launching as many gliders as possible and intend to minimize waiting time both for winch and aerotow. For that purpose 2 winches (+1 spare) and about 5 tugs will operate from the morning until sunset. There will be plastic cable on at least one of the drums. We intend to operate towing and winch launch from two separate starts in parallel. There will be two-seaters available for check flights and for passengers. Additionally, gliders available for rent will be listed on the webpage.

We would like to draw the attention of any pilots intend to bring Annex II gliders that such gliders need permission to fly in Hungarian airspace. The procedure and required documents will be listed on the webpage and sent to the pilots who register and indicate bringing an Annex II glider to the rally.
There are two areas at the airfield which will be designated for camping, one close to the road, where many trees provide shade, the other is next to the main hangar parallel to the runway. A security service will patrol the area to avoid thefts. Sufficient sanitary containers will be provided along the campsites.

There are also other accommodation possibilities listed at the webpage.
Between the hangar a meeting area will be set up for briefing, social gathering which will also be used for dining. For breakfast, lunch and dinner multiple menus will be available. We aim to give taste of traditional hungarian cuisine. In the evening a bar will also operate there. Additionally buffet will be set up at the start places.

From the airfield you can reach Lake Balaton and the Balaton uplands in an hour which is a famous holiday destination with a great landscape and many vineyards. We intend to organize a wine tasting tour if there is interest.

Please check the webpage of the rally and register for the event. The page will be regularly updated with useful information such as accommodation possibilities, the program or information about the meal. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

We are looking forward to seeing you at Dunaujvaros airfield!

Sandor Plosz, Patrik Ungar,
Lead of the organizing staff