The prices for the rally are shown in the table below:

Item Type Duration Fee
HVGC Support Membership Fee*
(contains Rally participation fee)
Pilots year 2017 67 €
Crew/visitor fee visitors/crew whole Rally 30 €
Camping Tent or caravan per day 10 €
Large tent or
tent + caravan
per day 15 €
Tax per person per day 2 €
Hangar storage per glider 1 night 10 €
whole Rally 67 €
Winch Launch 1 launch 9 €
Aerotow 500 m 30 €

* Participating as a pilot in the rally requires to become at least a supporting member of the Hungarian Vintage Glider Club who organizes the event. Only members of HVGC are allowed to use the infrastructure for flying. Supporting and ordinary members of HVGC are free to participate and fly in the Rally. Members are entitled for a welcome package upon checking in the rally. They can use the gliders of HVGC for check flights and rent designated gliders.