Registration is now open

We have finalized the info we need about the pilots so we opened the registration. There is a new “caravan” checkbox for pilots who would like to rent a caravan (motor-home) and would like our help to do so. Based on the number of people choose this we try to make arrangements with a renting company.
Possible places to rent will be listed on the webpage soon!

2 thoughts on “Registration is now open

  1. Bert Kluitenberg

    I tried to register but I think it didn’t work.
    Did you receive anything?

    Best regards,

    Bert Kluitenberg
    Vintage Glider Club of The Netherlands

    1. Sándor Plósz Post author

      Hello Bert,

      No, unfortunately I did not see your registration.
      Did you fill all the required data? (marked with *)
      Were there any error messages?



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